DNA Profiling is permanent

On Existing DNA sample too old, says PM

DR PR: Why must Syed Hamid Albar and the PM coax Anwar Ibrahim to give a blood specimen? What interest do they have in this episode if it is not political? The survival or demise of BN depends on the outcome of this case.

The Mahathir family and the DPM have their worries too. The PM and Syed Hamid have said that Anwar has nothing to fear and foreign experts may obtain the specimen. Either they do not understand or pretend not to understand the fears of DSAI.

To put it bluntly, a blood or serum specimen from DSAI could be introduced by catheter into the rectum of the complainant (or mixed in vitro ie. with Saiful’s specimen outside of the body in a test tube) and any sample taken from Saiful will show the presence of Anwar’s DNA.
Thus Anwar will be found to guilty of sodomy. Simple. I have two suggestions to get around this problem:

1. Get a foreign DNA expert to obtain a specimen from Saiful, create a DNA profile, seal the results and leave it with the court under security (or should it be double security?).

Subsequently, get Anwar’s specimen and compare his DNA profile with that obtained from Saiful.

2. The other option would be to radio-label Anwar’s specimen. If the radio isotope is detectable in Saiful’s specimen, then you will know that it has been planted.

Dr Nedu: It was the joke of the century when the PM commented on the DNA. The funny part is he got the facts wrong. When the experts collect blood samples the get the coding, it is translated into a chart which is on permanent record. This record is done once, and that’s it.
Likewise, DNA profiling is permanent. The idea that the current government and police force need to have Anwar’s blood for new DNA profiling is illogical.

It is something like profiling a blood test. If you are in the group of A+, then you are forever A+. It is unnecessary to withdraw blood to get the grouping after 10 years or 20 years. The grouping will not change.

This simply shows the lack of knowledge among this group of people and to paint bad picture about DSAI refusing to allow blood sample taken from him.

Why is PM getting involved when he said police are independent and that the Umno politicians are not getting involved in the investigation of the so-called sodomy case of DSAI.? Why did he say ‘we’? That shows he is part of the team that accused DSAI of sodomy.

Forget about the sodomy case. Look at other important unsolved cases, like the missing Sharline, Lingam tape, Altantuya murder, missing Bala, and Datuk Johari’s cases. etc. After all is said and done, DSAI is the best leader this nation can get. We the rakyat want him as our next PM.


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