PRESS STATEMENT – Medical report demonstrates Anwar Ibrahim’s innocence


The medical report leaked today appears to confirm what we have always believed – that the allegations against Anwar Ibrahim are without merit and politically motivated.

We are deeply troubled by the allegations conveyed by some reports that the police spent three days recording a statement from the Doctor and that he and his family have gone into hiding. Every assurance must be given for his safety and protection.

The existence of this medical report further erodes any confidence the public would have in the credibility of the police report that has been filed against Anwar Ibrahim, a report which remains shrouded in secrecy. Why has this medical report has surfaced only today, over one month after the allegations were made, after Anwar Ibrahim spent a night in jail, and after the police have spent so much time and money on this case?

There should be a complete disclosure of the “facts” of this case to the public. Anything less will further diminish the public’s trust in the institutions of governance and in particular the integrity of the office of the Inspector General of the Police.

Like all Malaysians we will be observing developments in this case with cautious optimism – hopefully the nation can put this ugly chapter in its history in the past and move forward.

PKR is committed to moving ahead with its coalition partners DAP and PAS to forge a new economic agenda, address the serious concerns Malaysians have over rising prices, unemployment and rising crime.

With the imminent by-election of Anwar Ibrahim to return him to a seat in Parliament for the first time in 10 years the prospects for change in Malaysia are stronger than ever.



2 responses to “PRESS STATEMENT – Medical report demonstrates Anwar Ibrahim’s innocence

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  2. Honesty is the best policy; but he who is governed by that maxim is not an honest man.RichardWhatelyRichard Whately

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