Hospital: Anwar sodomy case report ‘looks genuine’

Associated Press

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: A medical report that appeared to prove Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s innocence in a sodomy case “looks genuine,” an official said Wednesday.

Anwar was accused last month of sodomizing his male aide, who filed a police complaint after being examined at two hospitals, first at the Pusrawi Hospital and then at the government’s Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.

Anwar — who has consistently denied this sodomy allegation, the second against him in a decade — says he is a victim of a political conspiracy by the government to stop him from seizing power.

On Tuesday, Anwar cited a purported Pusrawi Hospital medical report, published by several news portals on the Internet, in which the doctor who examined the 23-year-old aide wrote he found no evidence of sodomy. The hospital confirmed Wednesday the report was authentic.

“It looks genuine,” said Kamaruddin Ahmad, the medical director of the partly government-owned Pusrawi Hospital. But he told reporters that a sodomy examination must be done by a specialist. [more]

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