Back To Permatang Pauh

At this moment, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim must take initiative actions instead of waiting for his doom. The sodomy charge has come nearer while the 16 Sept prophecy has gone far.

His political life is gradually going down the drain from the peak of 8 March general elections. Despite his morale remains strong, but the objective situation and various pressures have pushed him into a critical situation.

By now, he does not have much choices. Among the available choices, a by-election can play a certain role. It qualifies him to be a MP and become the opposition leader, giving him a more comprehensive political status. This can help in his future political struggle.

Meanwhile, he can as well enhance his popularity and inspire PKR’s morale through the by-election.

“Perhaps, Permatang Pauh will be the birth place of a prime minister.”

If he has to face a lawsuit, he would rather face it while he has the most dignified position and the best popularity. Therefore, any result could help him enhance the image of a “suffering hero” and bring the BN government a greater harm.

Thus, he chose a by-election. And since he has made a decision, he must carefully plan it. Permatang Pauh is the safest choice. [more]

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One response to “Back To Permatang Pauh

  1. ibrahim binshahbal

    nice article.

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