Grant Anwar his paranoia and caution

Malaysiakini, Syed Ahmad

The recent arrest of Anwar Ibrahim, which has come at probably the most inopportune moment for the government, promises predictable reactions and results from the public in the next election.

It, more than anything else, guarantees the continued erosion of confidence in the Barisan Nasional government – a government which has not been able to halt the disaffection of people since the last election – some brought about because of the mishandling of situations, others because of an apparent insensitivity to the suffering of the public.

The most blatant example is the decision to raise the price of petrol. The ferocity of the act will not go unpunished. The continued political upheaval the country is experiencing is the result of a kind of immature and unsophisticated running of the nation that is insulting to any reason- respecting individual.

The bungling mismanagement of the Lingam tape scandal to the Altantuya case to the Saiful saga, all involving high-profile figures, either imagined or real, is embarrassing. However, the déjà vu charges against Anwar has been timed to forestall the apparently real attempts by the de facto leader of PKR to take over the government. (At this point it is nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of the disenchanted).

The talk in the media of DNA evidence and mubahala, of charges in the syariah and civil courts, has brought about an interest in science and religion and a clash of tradition and secularism respectively. The subject has compelled me to consider the superiority of the demands of Islam, even in the light of the presence of DNA.

We are aware from Anwar’s last trial that evidence can be manipulated in extremely creative ways. Anwar states that it is a fact that thirteen different blood spots that appeared on the mattress were introduced after-the-fact. This, he says, was admitted by the officer in charge who said he obtained the sample from the hospital and sprinkled it on the mattress. [more]

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