Malaysia PM: Anwar threats to seize power a bluff


PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia (AP) – Malaysia’s leader on Thursday dismissed his rival Anwar Ibrahim’s threat to seize power as a «bluff,» but ruled out imposing emergency measures if street violence breaks out to protest a sodomy accusation against the opposition figurehead.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi also promised justice would be served in the sodomy case against Anwar, the second time he is facing such an accusation.
While denying any government conspiracy, Abdullah indicated that the complaint to police made by a 23-year-old former aide of being sodomized by Anwar would not be taken lightly.

«This man pleads for justice,» Abdullah said. «We care about (Anwar) more than we care about this man? That is very odd. He needs justice; that is what he is crying for. We cannot ignore that.
The comment indicated that authorities would not be slowed down by a medical report by a doctor who examined the male aide on June 28. The doctor found no evidence of sodomy, and sent the aide to a government hospital for a second opinion.

The result of the second examination is not known, but the aide made the police complaint the same day.


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