Sodomy mess: Set up panel to clear police

Malaysiakini, P Ramakrishnan | Jul 30, 08 4:55pm

We refer to the Malaysiakini report Anwar: It confirms plot to frame me.

The civilised world must be outraged by what is taking place in Malaysia. Justice is being trampled upon and truth is being sacrificed for political expediency without shame or remorse. And it is not fair that we have to suffer this humiliation.

Thinking Malaysians are perplexed how on earth the police went ahead to investigate Anwar Ibrahim for sodomy even though there were allegedly medical reports confirming that there was no basis for their action.

According to the medical report in the possession of Malaysiakini, Saiful was never sodomised by anyone, least of all by Anwar Ibrahim. Dr Mohamed Osman Hamid from the Hospital Pusrawi had confirmed this fact after physically examining Saiful on June 28.

Yet four hours later, Saiful made a police report at the police pondok in Hospital Kuala Lumpur that Anwar had sodomised him. At 6pm on that day, Saiful went to Hospital Kuala Lumpur for his second medical examination which, according to an unverified report by blogger Raja Petra Kamruddin also confirmed that Saiful was not sodomised. Nevertheless, he made his police report against Anwar.

The police cannot claim that they were in the dark over the existence of these reports. In any case police are required to send victims of rape or sodomy for a medical examination to confirm the allegations and collect vital medical evidence for prosecution purposes. [more]

Please click here to read the whole article.


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