Ezam: Anwar will compromise political and economic stability

Note from freeanwar.org: Ezam is a political opportunist. He is getting desperate, and his arguments do not hold water. It is because of Malaysia’s current economic and politically corrupt conditions that Anwar Ibrahim had to make the statement that he did. His statements are, Insha Allah, more likely to save rather than hurt Malaysia. Ezam’s branding Anwar as a traitor because of his “willingness to do away with the New Economic Policy” sounds more like a “divide and conquer” strategy than anything else.

The Star Online

BUTTERWORTH: The threat posed by PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to the nation is even greater than the impact of the current world economic crisis.

Former PKR Youth chief Mohamed Ezam Mohd Nor said Anwar was willing to compromise the country’s political and economic stability to pursue his political ambitions.

“His statement in a foreign financial newspaper recently that he would take over the Government on Sept 16 has caused irreparable damage to the country’s economy.

“It caused many potential foreign investors who were planning to set up their businesses in Malaysia to review their plans. This shows that Anwar doesn’t care and will do whatever it takes to become the prime minister,” he said at a Penang Malay unity gathering at Polyteknik Seberang Prai, here yesterday.

Ezam labelled Anwar a “traitor” to the Malays because he was also willing to do away with the New Economic Policy and bumiputra special privileges as long as he received support from the non-Malays. [more]

Please click here to read the whole article.


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