Saiful thankful Anwar finally brought to justice


PETALING JAYA: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan is thankful to Allah that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim will finally be brought to face justice.

His lawyer Zamri Idrus said in a statement that Mohd Saiful, who was Anwar’s former aide, would give full co-operation to ensure that the judicial court process ran smoothly.

“Mohd Saiful also hopes that all Malaysians will pray that the legal process is carried out smoothly so the truth can be proven in a just manner,” he said yesterday.

Zamri also said he would hold a watching brief for Mohd Saiful today.

In another development, the doctor (Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid) who examined Mohd Saiful has failed to report for work after going on leave and cannot be contacted, said Hospital Pusrawi. [more]


One response to “Saiful thankful Anwar finally brought to justice

  1. Saiful has uttered so many inconsistencies and discrepancies that he had better be careful. Eventually he must appear on the witness stand. I wonder if he knows what he’s letting himself in for. If the decision of the Court is in Anwar’s favour, Saiful has something more to worry about. He has challenged Anwar to swear on the Koran. The Muslim community will not take that lightly if Saiful is found guilty of perjury. And Saiful had better remember one more thing. If Anwar Ibrahim becomes premier in September, all those who have lied and dissembled and distorted the truth will be brought to book. What will you do without the protection of your fairy godfathers, Saiful? Do some serious thinking, Saiful. The truth may yet help you at this juncture.

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