Sorry sodomy story: BN has lost all moral ground
Dr Mathew | Aug 6, 08 5:14pm

Right now the subject of sodomy in Malaysia seems to be the only boring but common issue around. Everybody is directly or indirectly promoting sodomy as if this is a Malaysian tourist attraction. Frankly almost everybody seem to be contributing to this sodomy issue. It has become so grotesque that of our top leaders was even allegedly involved in sodomy with a foreign girl who was murdered in Malaysia.

But let me get straight to the point. A young, tough strapping 23-year old man claims that he has been sodomised by a 62-year-old man suffering from chronic back pain. Who is this man? It is Anwar Ibrahim, and I would reckon he is probably the last statesman left in this country perhaps for another 200 years, who has a vision for the peoples and the nation. Having analysed his speeches and dialogues both within the country as well as all over the world, it is evident that he is the busiest politician or I dare I say, busiest human being in the country.

He is an intellectual, a Muslim spiritualist, a leader with incredible charisma, almost to the point where people just adore to be in his presence. I have been told that he is a man with monumental networking abilities to a point of being a networking genius. He is a skilled and tactical organiser of incredible proportions. A talented orator in both English and Bahasa Malaysia. I must also state here that he is a wonderful husband and a fantastic father. A husband who has devoted himself to his wife and vice versa for the last 26 years or so I think.

If there was an ounce of doubt, then they would have separated after six years in jail. But no, they have become stronger even after six years of forced separation, him being thrown in jail. Their children are strongly support their father. In short, they are a family bonded by extreme love and affection. I must also state here the following: Anwar’s wife is no ordinary wife. She is a medical specialist by profession. Let it be known to everyone that if a person has homosexual characteristics, then any doctor would easily detect these characteristics. [more]

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