International Trade and Industry Minister talks about Anwar


HE MIGHT not carry the firebrand reputation of his predecessor Rafidah Aziz.

But Malaysia’s new Minister for International Trade and Industry Muhyiddin Yassin — who until recently, had been widely speculated to make a bid for the post of Umno’s president or deputy president — did not need much prompting to criticise his government’s chief nemesis Anwar Ibrahim as a “self-glorified” spin-doctor on “an agenda to put Malaysia in the doldrums”.

“We are now dealing with the serious issue of managing our economy … we are running this job seriously. Of course, there are people who couldn’t care so much. Anwar Ibrahim is one particular person.”

Mr Muhyiddin was speaking at a press conference held yesterday after the annual seminar here to promote business opportunities in Malaysia. He had been asked to what extent Mr Anwar’s publicised bid to topple the government has given investors the jitters.

Describing Mr Anwar’s plans to become the next Prime Minister as “an obsession”, the minister added: ”That is his business. While that is so, our immediate interest is to protect the safety of our people.” [more]


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