Shahrizat’s “Jihad” Against Anwar Ibrahim


Hypocrite-Watcher: Have we heard well? Is this report correct – Shahrizat declares jihad against Anwar Ibrahim? This is playing with religion in a serious way. Islam is being truly corrupted by Umno people.

Does an ultra-liberal minister, whose personal lifestyle we should not expose here, have any idea what she is saying? I guess not. I guess she has never read any serious Islamic material.

For if she had, she would have realised that her action is the last thing a Muslim should do. I bet Shahrizat does not even understand the concept of jihad, otherwise she would never dare say something like this.

Is it that she cannot admit her humiliating defeat to a political novice in her ‘own’ constituency, and now she is jumping on a jihad bandwagon against her victor’s father?

My advice to Shahrizat – keep quiet, otherwise your family lifestyle may come into the open. Then we shall know the true hypocrite. [more]


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