Saiful, make up your mind: was it rape or consensual?

Note from Saiful Bukhari Azlan had first stated that the sodomy acts he allegedly engaged in with Anwar Ibrahim were consensual. Now he is changing his tune, and claiming that it was rape!!!

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) – A young Muslim man who has accused Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim of sodomy claimed Friday that he was raped by him, and swore on the Quran that he is telling the truth.

In his first public comments since filing a police complaint against Anwar in June, Saiful Bukhari Azlan, 23, told reporters he was not a consenting partner in the alleged crime. According to charges filed by police, Anwar is alleged to have had consensual sex with Saiful.

«I would like to emphasize that it happened by force, without my consent. This was the first time I was sodomized,» Saiful said, adding that he was not involved romantically with Anwar, 61. [more]


One response to “Saiful, make up your mind: was it rape or consensual?

  1. Bullshit. Saiful wanted to get B*M F***ED or it would never have happened! No 61 year old man could force a 20-odd year old man to have sex with him…Saiful is a Bum-Boy who is trying to make his ordinary life special by accusing Anwar.

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