Saiful’s Swearing on the Qur’an Was For Show, and Was Not Required in Islam

[…] Why is Saiful making the declaration on the eve of Nomination Day?’ asked Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Ibrahim’s wife who facilitated the by-election by resigning her seat last month.

Azlan’s act of placing his hand on the holy book while swearing his accusation has acquired religious overtones, and has also raised objections. Ismail called it ‘a desperate act’.

The act was termed ‘un-Islamic’ by Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, who is the spiritual advisor on the opposition Pan Islamic party.

He said there was no requirement in the Quran that called on Muslims to hold the holy book while making a solemn declaration.

‘It is normal for Christians to swear on the Holy Bible. It seems that he wanted to follow the Christian way of doing it.

‘In Islam, it is enough to say the three holy words – wallahi, wabillahi, watallahi. There is no need to hold the Quran,’ said Nik Mat.

Taking a legal view, Democratic Action Party’s Indian origin chairman Karpal Singh said Azlan’s swearing was ’something not right to do’ because the matter was pending in court. [more]


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