Muzzling the Internet (Update 2): Malaysia censors blog after poor poll results

Financial Times, UK
By John Burton in Singapore

Published: August 29 2008 03:00 | Last updated: August 29 2008 03:00

Malaysia’s leading political blog was being blocked yesterday in what was seen as a crackdown on internet websites credited with contributing to government losses in this year’s general election.

The move came as former deputy prime minister Anwar Ibrahim was being sworn in as the new opposition leader following a by-election victory this week that returned him to parliament for the first time in a decade.

Mr Anwar vowed to mount a no-confidence vote against the government by midSeptember.

The Malaysia Today website was blocked by state-owned Telekom Malaysia, the country’s leading internet service provider, on the orders of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, which said comments posted on it were “insensitive, bordering on incitement”.

The MCMC action represents an apparent reversal of government promises not to censor the internet, except for pornographic websites. The policy was introduced in the 1990s to encourage foreign investment in the showcase Multimedia Super Corridor, near Kuala Lumpur. [more]


2 responses to “Muzzling the Internet (Update 2): Malaysia censors blog after poor poll results

  1. Malaysia government is a liar that’s why they lost in the General Election in the first place! Now they have prove us all correct that they are nothing but a BIG FAT LIAR with lots of money in their pockets!

  2. Hey, all Malaysians, what’s wrong with this country, that the ruling party is totally going insane after being defeated in Permatang Pauh? In acute desperation, their politicians are now looking around for scapegoats to vent their frustration. It is foolish to block MalaysiaToday or other blogs, just because these sites are able to furnish news and information as to what take place in our country, that the mass media, such as tv 1,2,3, and all newspapers excluding Harakah, fail to do so. It is the responsibility of the mass media to report all news without going off track. So, when the rakyat are being short-changed with distorted news, it should not be a surprise to them that the rakyat turn to those who provide unbiased news..

    what then next? going door to door hunting for potential ISA victims? and then, single out all the comentators and frame them with crime of their fancies? Another move would be to set up road-blocks to ‘sieve’ the bad elements from the opposition parties? Whoever feels that he or she is mighty enough to challenge the law of average, by all means, wait for the wheel of fortune to churn in your favorite, God bless your poor souls!!!!

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