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Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim stages Parliament walkout protest

8 hours ago

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has staged a walkout in Parliament with scores of other lawmakers.

The walkout took place amid a debate on a proposed law that would make it mandatory for criminal suspects to provide DNA samples. Critics claim the law is meant to bolster a sodomy charge against Anwar, though the government denies it.

Anwar caused the stir during his first day in Parliament after being sworn in as a federal legislator after a landslide victory in a by-election. [more]

Grant Anwar his paranoia and caution

Malaysiakini, Syed Ahmad

The recent arrest of Anwar Ibrahim, which has come at probably the most inopportune moment for the government, promises predictable reactions and results from the public in the next election.

It, more than anything else, guarantees the continued erosion of confidence in the Barisan Nasional government – a government which has not been able to halt the disaffection of people since the last election – some brought about because of the mishandling of situations, others because of an apparent insensitivity to the suffering of the public.

The most blatant example is the decision to raise the price of petrol. The ferocity of the act will not go unpunished. The continued political upheaval the country is experiencing is the result of a kind of immature and unsophisticated running of the nation that is insulting to any reason- respecting individual.

The bungling mismanagement of the Lingam tape scandal to the Altantuya case to the Saiful saga, all involving high-profile figures, either imagined or real, is embarrassing. However, the déjà vu charges against Anwar has been timed to forestall the apparently real attempts by the de facto leader of PKR to take over the government. (At this point it is nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of the disenchanted).

The talk in the media of DNA evidence and mubahala, of charges in the syariah and civil courts, has brought about an interest in science and religion and a clash of tradition and secularism respectively. The subject has compelled me to consider the superiority of the demands of Islam, even in the light of the presence of DNA.

We are aware from Anwar’s last trial that evidence can be manipulated in extremely creative ways. Anwar states that it is a fact that thirteen different blood spots that appeared on the mattress were introduced after-the-fact. This, he says, was admitted by the officer in charge who said he obtained the sample from the hospital and sprinkled it on the mattress. [more]

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Were the Anwar Sodomy Charges Faked?

Jed Yoong, Asia Sentinel
28 July 2008

A medical report (see posting below on this blog) surfaces saying the male aide who filed charges against the opposition leader wasn’t molested.

The doctor who examined a 23-year-old male aide allegedly sodomized by Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim found no evidence of tearing or scarring that would indicate penetration, according to a medical report leaked to local journalists.

If the document is genuine, it can be expected to raise further suspicions of complicity on the part of top government leaders in attempting to destroy Anwar politically. The charges against Anwar, filed by the youth on June 28, could end the opposition politician’s political career and put him back behind bars, where he had spent six years from 1999 on similar charges, which human rights organizations across the world condemned as trumped up. Sodomy is a crime punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment and caning

Anwar was arrested two weeks after the youth filed the complaint and was jailed overnight on July 15 after police, some wearing balaclava masks, descended on his home, a move that sent Anwar’s supporters into the streets around the police station where he was being held. He refused at that time to give a DNA specimen, charging that it could be misused.

According the medical report, which allegedly was filed at Hospital Pusrawi Sdn Bhd on Jalan Tun Razak in Kuala Lumpur, the aide, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, was examined by Dr Mohamed Osman on June 28 at 2 pm. After he had gone to the hospital to complain about pain he said he was suffering in his anus, he allegedly told hospital personnel that he had been assaulted by a “very important person.”

After Dr Mohamad refused to write a report that Saiful had been sodomized, according to Malaysia Today, the doctor suggested that the youth obtain another diagnosis at a government hospital. Doctors at that hospital also refused to confirm a diagnosis of sodomy, according to the publication, although it did not name the doctors.

Nonetheless, Malaysia Today reported, Saiful filed the report of assault at a nearby police kiosk four hours later.

After Mohamad Osman made the report indicating no sexual assault had taken place, police picked up the doctor and detained him for three days to attempt to persuade him to change his diagnosis, according to Malaysia Today. The doctor, the publication said, has since gone into hiding with his family.

In a telephone interview with Asia Sentinel, Deputy Inspector General of Police Ismail Omar confirmed that Dr Mohamad had been questioned, but said he had never been detained.

Attempts to reach hospital officials were unsuccessful. They were said to be in a meeting. However, although the medical report could not be independently verified, a senior Pusrawi Hospital official told the Internet publication Malaysiakini this morning that the hospital had launched an internal investigation on how Saiful’s medical report was leaked, which is widely considered as a major infringement of patient privacy.

When Malaysiakini showed the official a copy of the report, he refused to return it but he didn’t describe it as fake, saying, “It’s our document.” [more]

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Anwar tapes ‘off limits’

By : V. Shuman, New Straits TImes Online

KUALA LUMPUR: Police have no plans to release closed-circuit television footage of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim taken while he was in detention at the city police headquarters.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said the taping was part of the police investigation into the sodomy report against Anwar.

A news website had on Thursday reported that police were considering releasing the footage to the public in the next 48 hours.

Yesterday, R. Sivarasa, one of Anwar’s counsel, questioned the reason to record his client’s movements round the clock while he was in custody.

“From the moment Anwar entered the city police headquarters building, several policemen, armed with video cameras, started recording him and followed him around like he was a hardened criminal.

“Even when he was inside the lock-up, they taped him, although there were already CCTVs inside,” Sivarasa said.

“They only stopped recording when my client asked them to during prayers.”

He added that as soon as Anwar got out of his cell the next morning, forensic personnel combed it to gather hair samples and dead skin cells.


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DNA Profiling is permanent

On Existing DNA sample too old, says PM

DR PR: Why must Syed Hamid Albar and the PM coax Anwar Ibrahim to give a blood specimen? What interest do they have in this episode if it is not political? The survival or demise of BN depends on the outcome of this case.

The Mahathir family and the DPM have their worries too. The PM and Syed Hamid have said that Anwar has nothing to fear and foreign experts may obtain the specimen. Either they do not understand or pretend not to understand the fears of DSAI.

To put it bluntly, a blood or serum specimen from DSAI could be introduced by catheter into the rectum of the complainant (or mixed in vitro ie. with Saiful’s specimen outside of the body in a test tube) and any sample taken from Saiful will show the presence of Anwar’s DNA.
Thus Anwar will be found to guilty of sodomy. Simple. I have two suggestions to get around this problem:

1. Get a foreign DNA expert to obtain a specimen from Saiful, create a DNA profile, seal the results and leave it with the court under security (or should it be double security?).

Subsequently, get Anwar’s specimen and compare his DNA profile with that obtained from Saiful.

2. The other option would be to radio-label Anwar’s specimen. If the radio isotope is detectable in Saiful’s specimen, then you will know that it has been planted.

Dr Nedu: It was the joke of the century when the PM commented on the DNA. The funny part is he got the facts wrong. When the experts collect blood samples the get the coding, it is translated into a chart which is on permanent record. This record is done once, and that’s it.
Likewise, DNA profiling is permanent. The idea that the current government and police force need to have Anwar’s blood for new DNA profiling is illogical.

It is something like profiling a blood test. If you are in the group of A+, then you are forever A+. It is unnecessary to withdraw blood to get the grouping after 10 years or 20 years. The grouping will not change.

This simply shows the lack of knowledge among this group of people and to paint bad picture about DSAI refusing to allow blood sample taken from him.

Why is PM getting involved when he said police are independent and that the Umno politicians are not getting involved in the investigation of the so-called sodomy case of DSAI.? Why did he say ‘we’? That shows he is part of the team that accused DSAI of sodomy.

Forget about the sodomy case. Look at other important unsolved cases, like the missing Sharline, Lingam tape, Altantuya murder, missing Bala, and Datuk Johari’s cases. etc. After all is said and done, DSAI is the best leader this nation can get. We the rakyat want him as our next PM.

Anwar alleges blood forcibly taken in 1998

Abdul Gani Patail

Abdul Gani Patail

Musa Hasan
Musa Hasan

PUTRJAYA – THE infamous mattress of the 1998 sodomy trial was brought up again on Monday when Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim alleged that his blood was forcibly extracted and smeared on it.

He fingered Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, who was then the investigating officer, for rrdering police to smear the mattress with his blood, the New Straits Times reported on Tuesday.

The Parti Keadilan Rakyat de facto leader said his evidence on the allegation was a statement made under oath by a forensic doctor during the trial.

Mr Anwar submitted the statement, along with other court documents and statutory declarations from his 1998 sodomy trial, to the Anti-Corruption Agency on Monday to back his claim that Musa and Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail had fabricated evidence against him.

‘I adduced further evidence on how blood was forcibly taken and then spread on the mattress, claimed that it was sperm, and when it was challenged by international experts, they finally withdrew that and amended the charge and the record was expunged,’ he said after a three-and-a-half hour session with the ACA on Monday.

‘There was evidence by the forensic doctor during the first trial where blood was taken without permission, and this was a statement under oath in court, that the police took it without permission,’ Mr Anwar said. […]

Mr Anwar also said he was ‘saddened’ by the Kuala Lumpur Hospital director’s statement denying that the hospital had forced him to strip naked for his medical check after his arrest last Wednesday.

‘I did not say I was forced. But I had to strip naked because they said it was part of the investigations, and my private parts were examined. I had to concede, or otherwise, some of the local media will say that I am not cooperating,’ he explained.

He said he filled up a form meant for rape victims before the medical check because he had not seen the police report.

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Saiful’s dad wants Anwar to cooperate and not delay probe


KUALA LUMPUR: The father of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s former aide has urged Anwar to give his DNA sample to expedite investigations.

Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan’s father Azlan Mohd Lazim said Anwar should stop giving excuses and refusing to cooperate with the police.

Azlan’s statement was read out by Mohd Saiful’s lawyer, Zamri Idrus, at a press conference here yesterday. Azlan was not present.

Azlan said the family was angry and sad that Anwar was not giving his full cooperation to the police.

Getting ready: Zambri (left) and Uncle Pet discussing a matter before the press conference in Kuala Lumpur yesterday. — Bernama

“Anwar should stop giving excuses,” he said, adding that Mohd Saiful was ready to swear to the truth according to Islamic ways after the police had completed the investigations.

“Most importantly, we urge the authorities to bring the involved party to justice soon,” Azlan said. [more]

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