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Anwar Ibrahim Moves Against Barisan-led Government

Video Clip 1: National Unity and Stability Are Critical

Video Clip 2: Datuk Zaid Ibrahim Determined to Resign

The Star

PUTRAJAYA: Datul Zaid Ibrahim has set his mind on resigning from the Cabinet, citing his disappointment with “meeting a brick wall” from his own colleagues and party members on many of his suggestions for reform.

The former de facto Law Minister also said he did not want many of the problems arising from his proposals earlier to be a burden on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at a time when the latter had to grapple with party conflict and other challenges.

Zaid says he is disappointed. “I don’t want the PM to be beset by problems involving me and it’s better for him to focus instead on other more important matters. Let me not be the problem. Although I thanked the Prime Minister for his suggestion that I go on leave instead, I am not tired. I’m just disappointed so I don’t have to rest.” [more]

Video Clip 3: Anwar: We have the Numbers

The Star

PETALING JAYA: Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has claimed that more than 31 Barisan MPs have agreed to cross over to Pakatan Rakyat.

He, however, refused to reveal the names of the 31 MPs.

Anwar told a press conference at the PKR headquarters in Petaling Jaya on Tuesday that he would give the list of the names to the Prime Minister when he meets him.

The Permatang Pauh MP also claimed that the transition to the new Government has been delayed a few days pending the meeting with Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to ensure a smooth and peaceful transition.

“The numbers are increasing by the hour, but as of now, it is in excess of 31 MPs. [more]

Video Clip 4: The New Government Will Be A Reality

Video Clip 5: Badawi Refuses to Meet with Ibrahim

The Star

KEPALA BATAS: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi wants Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to reveal the names of the Barisan Nasional MPs the Opposition Leader claims are crossing over to Pakatan Rakyat.

“I don’t think he has the names. If he does, I don’t think he would wait to inform the people (of the names),” he said after giving out aid to the poor at complex Yayasan Budi Penyayang here on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister said he would not entertain Anwar’s request to meet him until the list is made public.

”There is no reason for me to meet him because I don’t think he has the names. He is just getting the people to focus on him and his political ploy. I do not need to see him.” [more]


Opposition chooses Anwar as new Opposition Leader

The Star,

KUALA LUMPUR: PKR whip Azmin Ali (PKR – Gombak) submitted a letter to Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia at 4pm Wednesday that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is chosen to be the new Opposition Leader.

The letter was signed by Azmin as PKR whip, Dr Tan Seng Giaw as DAP whip and Datuk Seri Hadi Awang, president of PAS.

The Dewan would be announcing Anwar, who has just won the Permatang Pauh parliamentary seat, as the new Opposition Leader on Thursday, after he is sworn in. [more]

Anwar Ibrahim threatens to pull down government by Sep 16


Kuala Lumpur, Aug 27 (IANS) Malaysia’s controversial opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who has just won a parliamentary by-election, says he will bring down Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s government by mid-September. His opposition alliance Pakatan Rakyat (PR) would take over by Sep 16, The Star newspaper quoted the leader, who comes back to parliament after a decade, as saying.

Ibrahim has termed his election in a parliamentary by-election Tuesday as Malaysia’s “second political tsunami”, an allusion to the outcome of the March elections when the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional (BN) was for the first time denied a two-thirds majority.

The opposition leader, who has earlier issued threats that he would bring down the government, said his victory brought new meaning to the word “merdeka” (freedom).

Ibrahim, 63, promised that his opposition alliance that emerged strong with 82 members in parliament and control of five of the 13 states in the March polls would bring “new hope to the people with its reform agenda”. [more]

Anwar to take oath as Malaysian MP

Al Jazeera

Malaysia’s opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, is set to be sworn in as a member of parliament two days after a landslide by-election win marked his return to mainstream politics.

Anwar, a member of the Keadilan (Justice) party, won a decisive victory on Tuesday in a contest for Permatang Pauh, a constituency in his northern home state of Penang.

Pandikar Amin Mulia, the speaker of Malaysia’s lower house of parliament, said Anwar will be formally sworn in as legislator on Thursday.

This will allow Anwar, a former deputy prime minister and finance minister, to attend the tabling of the annual budget in parliament on Friday by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, Malaysia’s prime minister.

His return to mainstream politics after a decade is expected to boost the opposition voice in parliament led by a loose coalition known as Pakatan Rakyat, or People’s Alliance. [more]

Anwar to scrap mega projects

The Star on line

BUTTERWORTH: All mega projects will be reviewed, and if necessary, scrapped if Pakatan comes to power, said Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

He said the projects identified were the RM15.2bil high-speed broadband project, double tracking and the undersea cable.

However, projects that benefited the people would be retained.

Anwar claimed that many of the mega projects only benefited a few people, especially family members of Barisan Nasional leaders and cronies. [more]

Anwar not taking by-election lightly


BUKIT MERTAJAM: PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim acknowledges that his opponent in the Permatang Pauh by-election Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah is a tough nut to crack.

He said he has told his election campaign team not to be complacent as they would be facing the might of the Barisan Nasional machinery.

“It is not about Arif alone,” he told a press conference after launching a giant TV screen for the by-election in front of the DAP operations centre in Taman Arowana here yesterday.

The 3.3m by 2.7m screen will be used to feature speeches by Pakatan Rakyat leaders throughout the 10-day campaign period.

“I don’t want to predict if I can win, but I want to focus on the nomination (today), the 10-day campaign period and the Aug 26 polling day.” [more]

PRESS STATEMENT – Pakatan Rakyat will secure fundamental liberties

08 August 2008, Petaling Jaya

I promise that under a Pakatan Rakyat government Malaysians will never again be subjected to such gross abuse of executive power as we are again witnessing today.  Arbitrary arrest and detention, frivolous investigation and malicious prosecutions shall be a thing of the past. Police officers and prosecutors who launch conspiracies to defame and humiliate the innocent will be severely punished.  The use of police powers as well the office of the Attorney General to persecute political opponents will be criminalized so as to ensure a healthy and vibrant democracy where dissent is not only tolerated but nurtured.In this regard every Malaysian’s fundamental liberties will be treated as sacrosanct and safeguarded by a truly independent judiciary guided by principles of utmost integrity and an adherence to the spirit of the federal constitution.

The politically motivated trial launched against me will, Insha’Allah, be the last of its kind. No Malaysian will suffer from this cruel injustice ever again.

Yesterday’s events confirm my innocence from the charges that recently surfaced.  The medical report and statutory declaration by Dr. Osman Abdul Hamid of the Pusrawi Hospital that surfaced on Thursday shatter lingering doubts as to whether the alleged act ever took place.   Dr. Osman’s statement also confirms what we have already stated regarding deplorable actions by the police to fabricate evidence in a manner identical to the manipulation of my case in 1998.   Anything short of a thorough investigation into the mishandling of this investigation would further tarnish the credibility of the police.

The doctor’s personal safety is a matter of deep concern to us.  Material witnesses in high-profile cases in Malaysia have gone missing in the past such as the PI Balasubramanian.  I applaud those brave individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to freedom and justice by coming forward with important evidence, and call upon the authorities to ensure their protection.

Yesterday in court we learned that the prosecution’s case has, in a manner similar to the botched trials of 1998, shape-shifted from a charge of assault to one of a consensual act.  The conspiracy launched against me in the final week of June 2008 is falling apart.  There is a hasty attempt by some to patch up glaring holes in the complainant’s testimony.  This will certainly fail given the preponderance of evidence confirming my innocence.

The Prime Minister has actively involved himself in this matter in an attempt to derail the process of transformational change in Malaysia and stave off his own political demise.   But in soiling his hands with this sordid matter he has deepened the crisis within his own administration. His most ardent supporters among the Malays have also expressed their disgust with the matter.  Furthermore Prime Minister Badawi now faces investigation by the Anti Corruption Agency for his involvement in corruption and money politics. 

The shadow of corruption and mismanagement of the economy darkens the legacy of his Premiership.  Prime Minister Badawi has still offered no convincing explanation over the huge profits reaped by his family in the Oil For Food scandal at the expense of dying Iraqis. 

I advise those around him to leave the sinking ship of his leadership while there is still a chance to do so. 

Pakatan Rakyat’s reform agenda is firmly back on track and the New Dawn for Malaysia is well within reach.  We will mount a unified campaign to win in Permatang Pauh with a solid majority encompassing that constituency’s diverse population.  I look forward to entering Parliament on August 27th with the support of my friends in the coalition.





Saya berjanji sebuah kerajaan yang diperintah Pakatan Rakyat, rakyat Malaysia tidak perlu lagi takut kepada penahanan dan perbicaraan yang wewenang. Pegawai polis dan pendakwaraya yang berkonspirasi untuk memfitnah dan memalukan orang yang tidak bersalah akan dihukum. Setiap rakyat Malaysia pasti akan mendapat perbicaraan yang adil, di mana seseorang itu tidak bersalah selagi adanya bukti yang jelas untuk membuktikan sebaliknya. Penggunaan kuasa polis dan Peguam Negara untuk menghukum musuh politik akan diharamkan bagi memastikan demokrasi yang sihat, di mana sebarang perbezaan pendapat bukan sahaja di benarkan malah digalakkan.Dengan ini setiap hak rakyat Malaysia akan dianggap sebagai suci dan akan dilindungi oleh kehakiman yang bebas dipandui oleh prinsip-prinsip yang selari dengan semangat Perlembagaan Persekutuan.
Perbicaraan bermotifkan politik yang dibuat ke atas saya, dengan izin Allah merupakan yang terakhir.

Apa yang berlaku semalam membuktikan saya sememangnya tidak bersalah dari sebarang pertuduhan yang muncul baru-baru ini. Laporan perubatan dan akuan bersumpah oleh Dr Osman yang muncul pada hari Khamis seharusnya menghilangkan sebarang keraguan dan pertanyaan yang masih timbul samada kejadian itu berlaku ataupun tidak. Kenyataan Dr Osman juga mengesahkan apa yang kami nyatakan sebelum ini berkenaan usaha memualkan pihak polis untuk memalsukan bukti di dalam kes ini, dengan cara yang sama di dalam memanipulasikan kes saya pada tahun 1998. Kredibiliti pihak polis pasti rosak dengan tiadanya penyiasatan yang teliti terhadap wujudnya salah tata urus penyiasatan kes saya.

Keselamatan doktor tersebut ternyata menjadi kebimbangan kami. Saksi utama kes berprofil tinggi di Malaysia sering hilang pada masa lalu seperti PI Balasubramaniam. Saya memuji individu-individu berani yang mempamirkan komitmen mereka kepada kebebasan dan keadilan dengan melangkah ke hadapan membawa bukti penting. Saya mahu pihak berkuasa memastikan keselamatan mereka.

Semalam di mahkamah, kita sedar kejelikan kes yang dibawa oleh pihak pendakwaraya ternyata mempunyai persamaan dengan kegagalan perbicaraan 1998, pendakwaan sudah pun bertukar dari aksi yang memaksa kepada aksi sukarela. Ini semua terjadi kerana konspirasi yang  dicipta pada minggu terakhir bulan Jun sudah mulai retak dan berkecai. Ada usaha yang terburu-buru dari pihak polis untuk menutup sebarang kelemahan pengakuan petuduh. Usaha mereka pastinya gagal kerana bukti yang ada sangat jelas menunjukkan sebaliknya serta adanya rakyat Malaysia yang berani ke hadapan untuk membuktikan bahawa saya tidak bersalah.
Perdana Menteri telah secara cuai melibatkan dirinya dengan kes ini, dalam usaha untuk menggagalkan sebarang proses perubahan di Malaysia dan untuk menghindari kejatuhan kareer politik beliau. Penglibatan beliau dalam kes ini pasti mengakibatkan krisis tenat di dalam pentadbirannya. Penyokong kuat beliau di kalangan orang Melayu sendiri mulai muak dengan perkara ini. Tambahan lagi Perdana Menteri Abdullah Badawi sedang berhadapan dengan penyiasatan Badan Pencegah Rasuah berkenaan penglibatan beliau di dalam korupsi dan politik wang.

Bayangan korupsi dan salah urus ekonomi menjadi legasi pentadbiran beliau. Perdana Menteri Abdullah masih gagal memberikan sebarang penjelasan yang meyakinkan berkenaan keuntungan besar yang diraih oleh keluarga beliau hasil dari penglibatan keluarga beliau dalam skandal Minyak untuk Makanan yang melibatkan rakyat Iraq yang terdesak dan di ambang kematian.

Saya menasihati mereka di sekeliling beliau untuk menjauhi bahtera kepimpinan beliau yang bakal tenggelam itu selagi mereka mempunyai peluang.
Agenda Reform Pakatan Rakyat  kembali ke landasan yang tepat dan Harapan Baru untuk Malaysia sudah semakin dekat. Kami akan memastikan kempen yang bersepadu untuk memenangi Parlimen Permatang Pauh dengan majoriti besar meliputi penduduk yang pelbagai latar dan etnik dari kawasan tersebut. Saya berhasrat untuk memasuki  Parlimen pada 27hb Ogos 2008 dengan sokongan rakan-rakan saya di dalam pakatan sebagai pemimpin mereka yang baru.